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Owning a business aircraft can be complicated. Yes, there are huge benefits, but various international regulations can cause problems, which is why it’s important to put your aircraft in the hands of a quality management company that will handle everything from planning flight slots to crewing, administration, maintenance and potentially generating charter revenue.

Having a quality company manage your aircraft and the time-consuming management responsibilities allows you to enjoy the benefits without the hassle. And although it sounds pricey, it can be surprisingly cost-effective. However, it is important to choose a reliable partner that does not cut costs or compromise on quality. A good partner will manage the type of aircraft you own, operate in jurisdictions to which you travel and have a service offering that will cater to your requirements.


Aircraft management is at the heart of ExecuJet’s activities. With 23 years’ experience, it has operations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. The company manages over 165 privately and/or commercially registered fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft on behalf of private, business and government owners around the world. These aircraft range from Boeing Business Jets and Airbus Corporate Jets to Cessna Citations and Gulfstreams.

ExecuJet holds seven air operator’s certificates (AOCs) for Switzerland, the U.K., Denmark, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, so travel to almost every continent is possible.

ExecuJet handles the complex matters for clients, such as aviation legislation, aircraft maintenance coordination and staff recruitment. Thanks to its global presence, the company can also advise clients of customs and VAT issues, as well as visa requirements, with the benefit of around-the-world experience.

Providing expert advice and tailored services through its comprehensive business model, ExecuJet has dedicated key account managers who are the primary points of contact for all clients. They discuss what potentials client will be using their aircraft for, where they will be travelling and whether they wish to generate charter revenue, to get a clear picture of how the aircraft needs to operate and tailor an ideal solution.

With this information, ExecuJet can then advise clients on issues ranging from where the aircraft should be registered to how it should be operated, and in-house aviation law specialists can provide advice on options open to clients for operating their aircraft.

Another draw card for ExecuJet is its ability to maximise the efficiency of clients’ aircraft by reducing operating costs with bulk purchasing discounts for items such as fuel, insurance, handling, maintenance and crew training. These savings are passed on to clients to provide transparent and competitive operating costs.


The charter environment is competitive, which is why choosing a company that really understands your business aviation needs, on the ground and in the air, is crucial. Execujet operates a modern fleet, and offers a wide range of sophisticated business aircraft strategically located at its operating bases worldwide.

The ExecuJet Aviation Group’s worldwide charter fleet represents the latest in modern technology and flexibility and its multi-faceted approach to business aviation can supply any type of aircraft from one of its bases throughout Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

All charter aircraft comply with the latest regulatory requirements and offer the very best in onboard amenities and luxuries, reflecting an uncompromising commitment to safety and comfort. ExecuJet’s fixed wing fleet composition ensures it can offer aircraft to suit any mission, from medium-range light jets with short runway performance, to ultra-long-range aircraft offering non-stop global capabilities.


ExecuJet has a number of aircraft available for hire, including six Bombardiers – three Learjets, two Challengers and a Global Express XRS – five Beechcrafts – four King Air B200s and a Hawker 4000 – three Cessna Citations, eight Pilatus PC12s, a Gulfstream III and an Embraer Phenom 300. The average seating capacity is seven passengers, although the Global Express seats 13 and the Gulfstream seats 14.

Complementing its fixed wing fleet, ExecuJet also offers a modern rotary fleet, including two Bells and two Eurocopters, allowing for a seamless solution when it comes to helicopter charter. Helicopter charter provides a fast, flexible service for business professionals, and is suited for short flights to destinations with no airport.


Aside from the obvious benefits of flexibility and privacy, charter flights offer other benefits that aren’t always top of mind, but deserve to be included in the consideration of private flying.

Charter flights can access remote areas that fall outside scheduled carrier networks and ExecuJet’s helicopters are able to access congested urban areas that lack an airport.

Executive and VIP safety, as well as the security of proprietary information, are ensured on a private flight.

Business aircraft travel is the quickest means of commuting and reducing flying times and it’s possible to reach two or more destinations in a single day. Flight plans can be altered en route to accommodate meeting schedule changes.

On a charter flight, you are contactable at all times, with almost the entire flight time available to conduct business in a congenial, undisturbed environment. Executive briefings before or between meetings can be held in absolute privacy.

Ask yourself what your time is worth, and whether your hours are best spent wading through red tape at large, congested airports? Weighed against the cost of a charter flight, you’ll no doubt find your time worthy of quality, private air travel.

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