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Have you ever tried looking for concrete information prior to a business trip to Chad? Do you know what is required when applying for a visa in Burkina Faso? Do you know the appropriate airlines to use when flying into Nigeria? is fast becoming known for its ability to remove verbosity and provide the reader with the essence of the most current events within the corporate travel world. BTAfrica eliminates excess information and provides concrete, reliable information in an informative and creative manner. Here is a snapshot of what you will find at


BTAfrica’s home page contains the most current news items at a glance. It has been designed to load quickly. These articles are updated daily to ensure readers get the latest buzz. Listed on the left are all the countries in Africa. Click on your country of choice to give you the gist of everything a business traveller needs to know prior to his trip. For example: click on the Nigeria tab: click on one of the tabs below, and an abundance of information is provided to assist you on flights, prices and recommended airlines. All the below tabs work in the same manner and Africa is at your disposal.

Airlines: There are a number of airlines listed in alphabetical order. Click on the airline of your choice and a list of contacts and addresses is at your disposal, and a website address is provided for you to survey how they operate. For example, Botswana: click on the airline link which immediately takes you to a list of varied and well-researched airlines, click on the airline of your choice, for instance Air Botswana, and voila!

Car rentals: As with airlines, the particular car rental companies servicing the particular country is listed – click on your preferred company and the necessary contact details are provided.

Hotels: The very simplistic process follows suit of the latter two tabs. Choose the hotel group’s name, i.e. Sun International. After clicking on the tab, a list of hotels under Sun International is provided along with its contact details, address and website.

Conference centres: More business-focused countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Botswana provide this tab, advising the avid business traveller which conference centre would be most suitable for a particular meeting, which is half the battle won in a foreign country.

Country profile: The country profile tab proves extremely useful as it gives you an overview on the capital, climate, currency and the main airport. Further down there is a pdf link page that provides extra information looking at the particular country at glace, advising culture and various leisure activities in addition to a contact number should you require any further information.

Visa: The nightmare stage of travelling! Breathe easy as BTAfrica provides all the necessary information of how to apply what needs to be submitted and where to submit it. As contact details are included you will be speaking to the correct person.


The latest and freshest news updates on the trendiest hotels, car hire deals, airline updates, refurbishments, a new, upmarket restaurant opening up at that gorgeous hotel you have been meaning to pop into. The news page is updated daily with exciting snippets from award ceremonies to gorgeous new properties being set up across Africa. We strive to ensure that business travellers get value from what they read by incorporating information from new conference centres to re-modelled business lounges, to more serious topics such as environmental issues and the latest business acquisition and the resulting effects.


A pdf form of the latest issue of the magazine is placed on the website for those who wish to quickly browse through a particular article. Older issues are saved on the website which can be conveniently accessed by clicking on the ‘archived issues’ link.


This tab is to provide the requested information in an effective and efficient manner; the results have been effective as you are given the option to type in the word/title affiliated with the particular article you are looking for into the title filter or merely click on the archived issues link. And presto!


This is by far my favourite new initiative for the website as the newsletter can make a great impact if constructed correctly! For a travelling enthusiast, this is an excellent interactive tool to communicate with readers, their points of view on travelling, the best & worst experiences. It is fun and functional! The newsletter can be updated weekly or monthly. We are in a trial period, but watch this space.

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