ASATA Column – Never on your own


Are you in the business of business travel?

Here’s why you should be looking for the ASATA logo when you appoint a corporate travel agent or travel management company.

The Association of Southern African Travel Agents is a voluntary member-based organisation to which travel agents countrywide belong. Being an ASATA member is a stamp of quality and credibility, as members are bound by a very stringent ASATA code of conduct.

ASATA is proud to represent at least 85% of South Africa’s travel industry in terms of market share, including the head offices of all the major travel brands.

As the customer of an ASATA-accredited travel company, you can expect:

Expert Guidance – We use our extensive knowledge and experience to create, sell and manage travel products.

Professional Advice – We have the experience, training and knowledge to ensure that the consumer gets the best travel package, at the right price.

Trust – We’re a local business, not an anonymous website. Customers know how to reach us and who we are.

Accountability – We are accountable to our customers. We care about transparency and take responsibility.

Customer Advocate – We will act on your behalf to solve your problems when travel arrangements go awry.

Value for money – You will be given an array of travel choices to suit your needs and pocket. ASATA members are informed about all the special promotions available, and can advise about the quality of a particular product.

Why you should use a TMC

Savings – It takes time to arrange and manage business travel.

Budget – TMCs have supplier relationships and special contracts, ensuring you get the best value travel deals.

Support – Expect 24/7 service. Not only will you have dedicated travel consultants working on your account, you will also have access to an emergency contact if your travel goes awry or needs to be changed after hours.

Knowledge and Expertise – It’s the TMC’s responsibility to be the corporate travel expert.

You’re somebody special – A good TMC will ensure you stand out from the crowd and get your travel preference.

Keeping track – Corporate travel expenses can easily get away from you unless monitored.

Otto de Vries