ASATA: Effective tips for efficient travel


If you’re like most of today’s business travellers who live demanding fast-paced lifestyles, you probably don’t like to waste time sitting around airports.

But when you’re travelling all the time, it’s easy to fall into the apathy trap.

Here are a few tips for efficient travel:

Cut the wait: Save time by keeping left when faced with moving walkways, lines or check-in desks. Most travellers are right-handed, so tend to favour the right side. Carry as little as possible and be on the plane first to avoid squeezing past people and fighting for stowage space. Save check-in time by only taking carry-on luggage so you can dodge the drudgery of baggage claim when you land.

Pre-charged phone chargers are your friends: Calls and emails can drain your battery life very quickly while on the road. And if you’re rushing from meeting to meeting, it’s likely you’re not going to get the opportunity to charge your phone. So keep a portable USB charger handy.

Opt for luggage with wheels: Frequent travel can take its toll on your health. Heavy shoulder luggage is one of the main reasons for neck injuries for frequent travellers. So keep what you carry light. Choose luggage with wheels – it will go a long way in avoiding back trouble and keeping you as fit as you can be for travel.

Don’t trust the hotel alarm clock: Nine times out of 10 it’s not the right time, and most times, it’s a waste of time learning how to use. Use your mobile phone to set two alarms in the morning, 15 minutes apart, especially if you’re staying in areas with a massive time difference from home.

Stay close to the airport for early morning flights home: If possible, ask your agent about switching hotels the night before your flight home. Staying closer to the airport for that 05h00 flight ensures you get extra sleep and minimises any mess-ups you might have from early morning madness.

Even the most experienced travel veterans can learn something about keeping travel hassles to a minimum. And – if need be – your ASATA-accredited TMC can be contacted to help you maximise your travel time.

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