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In South Africa, Diners Club has successfully captured the business travel market by effectively managing executives’ business travel expenses, with a range of products and services that simplify and streamline the management of these expenses.

Working closely with their business and travel partners for more than 55 years, Diners Club fully understands that the process of reconciling travel spend is a major challenge and a big area of focus for cost-savings. How organisations pay for their travel is also vital in terms of tracking, monitoring and accounting. 

Having developed payment and expense management solutions for large corporates and small to medium-sized enterprises alike, Diners Club has become recognised, not just as a payment solution provider, but as a strategic business partner, enabling expenditure monitoring with complete control and minimum effort.

The Diners Club Travel Lodged Card Account, for example, allows travel expenditure for the non-executive’s travel costs and travellers who do not qualify for company cards, to be consolidated into one account. In this way, only one payment is required.

As a virtual card, it can be lodged at the company and with the company’s approved travel suppliers, as well as with car rental and accommodation providers. Only approved and travel-related expenditure is allowed to be charged to the card, which helps to prevent abuse and provides employees with cashless convenience.

At no additional cost, the company and their travel suppliers gain access to a system called Diners Club Advantage. Users are able to access interim transactions and the monthly invoice online, and download it as a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file that opens into an Excel spreadsheet. Travel suppliers are then able to easily match the related supporting documentation to the monthly invoice in time for payment.

Diners Club recently released an enhancement to this system, called Diners Club Advantage plus, an end-to-end expense management tool that reduces the burden placed on travel suppliers in the reconciliation process.

Data is uploaded on a daily basis, and for a minimal once-off scoping and set-up cost, the company is able to assign hierarchical user access levels, to facilitate and automate the expense management process.

Diners Club Advantage plus is a web-based tool that does not require any specialised software or hardware to operate. Through the consolidation of travel spend and related transactional data, the company is able to build bespoke reports for an overall view of actual spend. Along with the expert guidance of their travel suppliers, the company is empowered to negotiate quantity discounts, as well as monitor adherence to travel policies to ensure negotiated cost-savings are realised.               

Diners Club South Africa has demonstrated unsurpassed commitment to the travel trade and is involved with several industry associations. As founding partners of both the African Business Travel Association and Global Business Travel Association of Southern Africa, Diners Club is ideally positioned to assist companies in keeping up to date with best practices, locally and globally.

As a partner member of the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA), Diners Club also supports ethical conduct and practises governed by the association, and will again sponsor the prestigious ASATA Diners Club Awards for 2013.

In addition to the various product offerings, the company is supported by a dedicated team consisting of a relationship manager and corporate administrator, all assigned

to manage and nurture the relationship through a personalised consultative approach.

Diners Club International is issued in more than 200 countries and accepted by 19.9 million establishments around the world. Diners Club South Africa was recently recognised as the top franchise in the EMEA Region, reminding their global partners that we are indeed an internationally competitive country.

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