Advertorial: The easiest way to get your UAE visa

There are myriads of ways to apply for a visa to the UAE, from very document-intense processes to visa providers that require so little from you that you can’t help but be sceptical about their authenticity.


Dealing with reputable operators that not only understand your reasons for travel, but also make it easy to obtain your necessary paperwork in a reasonable time frame, are worth their weight in gold.

This is where DubaiVisasOnline outperforms the crowd.

Established by industry-leading professionals, DubaiVisasOnline specialises in the acquisition of UAE visas, with a clear vision of becoming the go-to agency, particularly for business travellers requiring visas.

It has built a very user-friendly website that allows you to apply for your Dubai visa in minutes and with minimal documentary requirements.

The company has also incorporated the services of the global independent customer review giant TrustPilot and currently boasts a 9.3 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating.

When applying via DubaiVisasOnline, there is no need to fly any specific airline, giving business travellers the freedom to travel how they want, when they want.

Perhaps the best part is the personal service that each passenger receives from a visa expert.

Here’s how it works:

Travellers register and apply for their visas by answering a short questionnaire. Once this has been completed, the system will prompt the traveller to upload a minimal number of supporting documents – normally (depending on visa type) just a passport copy and a passport-sized photo. No bank statements or employment letters, or even a confirmed airline ticket, are required.

Once all documents have been uploaded and payment has been made, visa applications are prepared by the service desk and then electronically sent to the UAE Ministry of Interior, which generally takes an average of three days to process. Depending on seasonality, visas could even be finalised within a day.

Since the visa is electronic, the traveller simply needs to print the visa confirmation when he/she travels, and as such there is no need to hand in a physical passport, which is a big plus.

Travellers can apply for their 96-hour transit, 14-day single entry, or 30 and 90-day single or multiple entry visas.

DubaiVisasOnline doesn’t claim to be the cheapest service provider, but you can be assured of knowledgeable staff, an easy process and a trusted supplier.

It doesn’t get any easier!

* This content was paid for by DubaiVisasOnline