ExecuJet Learjet 45



ExecuJet has three Learjet 45 aircraft in its fleet. The one I had the chance to experience was being returned to the company’s hangar at Lanseria. There are five on its AOC certificate. While this was not a regular route for ExecuJet, I was able to get a good understanding of the personalised service provided. Unfortunately, the flight only lasted 20 minutes. The cruising speed of the aircraft means it can be used on busy routes throughout Africa including Luanda, Lilongwe, Kinshasa, Cape Town, Lusaka, Dar es Salaam and Kigali.


I just had to wait to be called and then jump into the aircraft, but the normal check-in procedure would have required me to check in 30 minutes prior to take off (45 minutes if it were an international flight). The VIP lounges are discreet and comfortable, offering amenities like daily newspapers, catering and coffee.


Again, this was quite different to what passengers would normally experience, but the aircraft only takes eight passengers, so you are guaranteed fast boarding. There is no scramble to get your carry-on luggage into the overheads and you don’t have to squeeze past hundreds of other passengers to get to your seat.  Once seated, I was informed about the safety procedures and then left to make myself comfortable before take-off.


My seat was comfortable, and because I didn’t have anybody in front of me I could stretch my legs out a little. I’m not sure how this space would be affected if there was someone positioned opposite me. The passenger cabin offers a maximum height of 1,5m and width of 1,56m. There are 16 cabin windows with sunshades.


As with all smaller aircraft, the flight is bumpier than normal, especially on takeoff and landing. But this flight was actually quite smooth for most of the journey. It was only 20 minutes so I couldn’t really start up my laptop and get any work done, but I don’t think this would be difficult to do on a longer flight.


Once again, the time taken for the landing and disembarking is incredibly shortened by the small number of passengers. Once the pilot gave the go-ahead, we were able to get off the aircraft and walk straight into the passenger lounge at ExecuJet.


The personalised, private service is by far the best choice for businessmen who need comfort and don’t have time to waste. The entire travel time is cut down by using a charter service. This is a must for businessmen looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to travel. 



+27 11 516-2300 (Lanseria International Airport), +27 21 934 5764 (Cape Town International Airport)

Chana Viljoen