Flight price relief on itinerary this spring


South Africans could see more rands stay in their pockets as the price of flights is likely to drop as the spring season starts. This is welcome news for cost-fatigued travellers, who have been facing rising airline ticket prices both internationally as well as to local destinations this year. In fact, South Africans travelling during the winter months (June to August) saw an almost 20% increase in the cost of flight tickets this year compared to the same period pre-pandemic, according to data from global travel search engine Cheapflights.co.za.

Among many reasons behind this significant rise in flight prices might have been the folding of local carrier Comair, rising fuel costs, and airport chaos following an increase in demand for flights as travellers spread their wings after travel restrictions were finally eased. But relief is in sight as Cheapflight’s flight search data in the June-August 2022 period shows around a 26% decrease in flight prices for long-haul destination trips during this spring (September to November), compared to the travel period over the past winter (June to August 2022).

The international round-trip price for spring appears to be as little as about R12,700 on average, while it was over R17,000 during the winter period. Average flight prices for travelling in South Africa over the next three months see a drop of about 12%, compared to prices recorded for travels happening in the June-August 2022 period. SA’s travellers can book a domestic flight for about R2,300 on average to have a trip this spring.

Looking at flight prices from June to August versus September to November, over the past three years, the seasonal price drop in flight prices in 2022 is notably significant.



Avg. % change in flight prices based on search data for travels in September-November vs June-August 
2022 2021 2019
International 26% decrease 12% decrease 12% decrease
Domestic 12% decrease 9% decrease 1% increase


10 long-haul destinations where SA travellers can fly for less than R12,000

With the average international return flight cost being around R12,000 over this spring period, Cheapflights.co.za reveals the 10 best-value long-haul destinations that travellers can visit within this budget***.

Heading up the list are UAE destinations Abu Dhabi and Dubai, tourist hotspots and some of the commonly used connecting airports in the region, which have average flight prices of below R10,000 respectively. Indian destinations are also becoming more accessible, with flights to Mumbai and New Delhi below the R11,000 mark which is great news for the Indian community in South Africa and everyone else who is keen to experience this unique, ancient culture. These are followed by Istanbul in Turkey, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Malé in Maldives and Bangkok in Thailand. Closing up the list are Athens, Greece, and Vienna, Austria. With an average round-trip economy price of around R12,000, these are among the most affordable European destinations and a good starting point for South Africans looking to travel to this part of the world.

Destinations Ave. return flight price, ZAR in Spring, 2022
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 9,339
Dubai, United Arab Emirates 9,883
Mumbai, India 10,026
New Delhi, India 10,723
Istanbul, Turkey 10,736
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 10,807
Malé, Maldives 11,066
Bangkok, Thailand 11,430
Athens, Greece 11,536
Vienna, Austria 11,715