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10 things you need to know about golf

Golf is not as easy as Tiger Woods used to make it look and Phil Mickelson currently makes it look. Alison Sheard, International Teaching Professional at the Arabella Golf Estate, points out 10 things you should know before swinging that club.

  1. The dress code for golf is the starting block take. The shoes you should wear for golf are hugely important. They wrap around your foot to give your feet the stability you require for twisting you whole body in your shoes. So buy a very comfy pair of golf shoes. You should buy them a half size bigger that your normal shoes as your feet will swell while playing especially in hot countries. Some people have two pairs of golf shoes, summer pair and winter pair. Having your own clubs is wise as learning with different ones each time can throw you out. The shafts are the main item in a set of clubs, so go and be fitted out for the correct clubs for yourself from the local PGA professional in your area.
  1. You must have some idea of the etiquette of the game. For example where to stand and where not to be on the course. The player furthest from the hole plays first and best player starts the next hole. You should familiarise yourself with the numerous other rules.
  1. Take lessons from a qualified professional. Many people are encouraged by friends or families to take up the game and therefore are shown by a novice what to do. The person will end up doing the wrong things which will be harder to correct in the long run.
  2. Keep it simple. People learn in different ways, which is why I feel you should find a way to keep your thoughts simple, as golf can be complicated if you so desire it to be.
  3. You must remain relaxed at all times while swinging the club you have in your hand. This game is about rhythm, not what you would normally think – like speed, energy, force etc.
  4. Have fun while you are learning and also when you are a fully-fledged player with a handicap. A very clever quote to remember always is:

‘The worst day on the golf course is better than your best day in the office’.

  1. Many friends will be made and contacts for businesses. Golf is an

international sport, so be a sport and learn the correct and honest way.

  1. Join a club locally. Once you have done this, you play a few times with handicapped players and the club will give you a handicap which then entitles you to play in competitions, golf days, etc. You must also remember to continue to get professional help at least twice or more a year. Try keeping the same pro.
  2. Get a rule book and get help understanding from other players who are experienced with this. There are so many rules to understand that every player should carry a rulebook in his or her golf bag. Just learn the basic ones first – example – hazard rules, where to drop the ball, what not to do in a bunker, and so on.

 Good Luck with this fascinating game and hope you inspire other people to also take it up.

Pick of the month

Arabella Golf Club

Arabella Golf Club is situated on the Arabella Country Estate overlooking South Africa’s largest and most beautiful natural lagoon, and only a short drive from the picturesque whale-watching haven of Hermanus.

The 18-hole, Par 72 Championship golf course was designed and built in 1999 by celebrated South African golf course architect, Peter Matkovich. This classic, parkland and links-style championship course layout features rolling fairways with deceptive bunkers and challenging water traps. A truly unique golf course set on the banks of the Bot River Lagoon and fringed by indigenous fynbos, with spectacular views across the Kogelberg range.

The golf course offers a variety of unique corporate golf day options.

Green Fees:

Current winter special rates of R350 p/p for 18-holes (seven days a week) valid until 30 September.

Contact Details:

R44, Kleinmond, Overberg, Western Cape, South Africa

+27 28 284 0000

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