Hilton celebrates centenary


Hilton Hotels & Resorts is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Founded in 1919 in rural Texas, Hilton now has a global reach of 5,700 hotels in 113 countries and territories.

As part of its celebration, Hilton has placed a spotlight on 100 moments that have shaped the modern world.

The international survey, which polled 7,000 people, voted the conclusion of the second World War, which opened the world up to a new era of recovery and reconnection, as the most impactful moment of the last century, followed by the first organ transplant in 1954 and the first heart transplant in 1967.

The top 10 moments that shaped the world were ranked as follows:

  1. The end of WWII and post-war recovery (1945)
  2. The first organ transplant (1954)
  3. The first heart transplant (1967)
  4. The introduction of penicillin (1942)
  5. Man’s first steps on the moon (1969)
  6. The fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany (1989)
  7. The first human in space (1961)
  8. The first vaccine against tuberculosis (1927)
  9. The first artificial heart (2015)
  10. The first chemotherapy treatment (1956)

Moments reaching the top spot across other categories included: the first television in 1928 (technology), the first movie to incorporate sound in 1927 (culture), the first electric refrigerator in 1927 (food and drink), and the invention of the first solar panels in 1954 (sustainability).