KQ boosts traffic to key destinations


According to Aviation Tribune, Kenya Airways has boosted the frequency of its flights to Luanda (Angola), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Dubai (UAE).

KQ will now fly 35 times a week to Dar es Salaam, up from the 28 times that it previously did. It will also fly to Dubai 10 times every week, up from the previous seven, and three times weekly to Luanda, where it had flown twice. 

The increased frequencies are part of changes introduced by the airline on its operations that have seen it upgrade aircraft on selected routes. KQ will deploy B787 Dreamliners to Johannesburg (South Africa), Paris (France), Kinshasa (DRC), Dubai, and Guangzhou (China). The Dreamliner will also operate the Bangkok-Hong Kong-Guangzhou route.

Under these new changes, the airline has also suspended flights between its Nairobi hub and New Delhi (India). It continues to fly daily to Mumbai (India) directly from Nairobi and will partner with Jet Airways for the onward connection to New Delhi.

Its sales office in New Delhi will remain open to serve its passengers. The airline began operating flights to New Delhi 11 years ago, with full online operations starting in 2012.