KQ claims compensation from KAA


According to Aviation Tribune, Kenya Airways wants Kenya’s High Court to compel the country’s aviation authority to pay $3.8-million to the national carrier over a fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport last year, which forced it to cancel flights and led to revenue losses.

KQ alleges, in court papers seen by Reuters recently, that the Kenya Airports Authority failed to provide adequate fire-fighting equipment at the airport, the carrier’s main hub. 
KAA said it was waiting to receive the court summons and could not yet comment on the case. 

“We have been negotiating over an insurance claim, and it is news to us that Kenya Airways has gone to court. KAA cannot comment at this stage until the summons reach us,” Angela Tilitei, KAA corporate communications manager, told Reuters. 

The blaze at Nairobi’s airport in the early hours of 7 August last year destroyed the international arrivals building, forcing the temporary closure of the travel and trade gateway, and cancellations for passengers transiting through the airport. 

The airline has estimated the lost revenue at $4-million.

KAA “failed to take reasonable and efficient measures, whether by inspection or examination, to ensure that there would be no risk of fire arising from any electrical or other faults in the premises”, KQ argued in the court papers. 

The airline rents facilities at the airport and wants the landlord to be held responsible for the damage. 

Following investigations, Kenyan authorities ruled that the fire was caused by an electrical fault. 

It was not clear when a ruling on the matter would be given.