Lufthansa eases rule on electronic devices in-flight


According to eTNW, Lufthansa’s passengers will soon be able to leave their smartphones, tablets and laptops switched on from gate to gate, made possible by an initiative introduced by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in Cologne (Germany). 

The airline is also working to offer Internet on short and medium-haul routes. An international call for tenders has already been put out. Exactly when and for which aircraft types the new regulations will apply has not been finalised yet. 

The technical basis for the global easing of restrictions on the use of electronic devices is that the onboard systems of commercial aircraft have been proved to be well shielded. 

What is already clear, however, is that telephone conversations on board, including over the Internet, are not wanted at Lufthansa. This is not for technical reasons, but because surveys have shown that many passengers worry that it will be bothersome.