Lufthansa’s new entertainment offering


Lufthansa will soon be offering its passengers on medium-haul flights a wide range of films, TV series, music, games and information. Products from the Lufthansa WorldShop can also be ordered via the free portal right from the seat for home delivery.

Typical destinations in the Lufthansa route network for the new offering include the CIS states, the Middle East and North Africa.

To use the services, passengers simply connect to the in-flight infotainment server via Wi-Fi using their own laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Next year the airline will be fitting 20 Airbus A321s with this in-flight entertainment solution, developed by Lufthansa Systems and dubbed BoardConnect. The system has already proved popular with passengers during its trial run earlier this year.

“This revolutionary system offers our passengers a wide range of new entertainment and information services,” says Dr Reinhold Huber, Head of Product and Marketing at Lufthansa German Airlines. “In addition to entertainment, it opens up exciting new prospects for completely new services and interaction with customers.”

In contrast to conventional systems, BoardConnect works with a conventional wireless network using standard technology, meaning that Lufthansa Technik only had to install a few access points in the cabin.