MiceMaster: A New System for Meetings & Events Cost Containment and Policy Compliance


“94% of the world’s companies utilise corporate travel online booking tools (OBTs) to identify cost-saving opportunities and control travel policies. None have handled these critical tasks for their corporate meetings and events expenditure until now. “MiceMaster has taken the best-of-breed OBT methodologies and morphed them into the MICE sector,” explains Andrew Millar, founder of MiceMaster.

SA corporates are taking a far closer look at cost-containment and MICE policy compliance post-pandemic than ever before. MICE budgets are set for 2022; sales forces need in-person meetings for the sales teams to close deals and see existing customers, so maximising budgets and enforcing policy rules is more important than ever.

After many businesses have cut back on personnel, nobody wants to see executives attending extravagant company events on social media, so corporates need to get a tighter grip on MICE.



  • Easily identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Overcoming time-consuming, manual and administratively heavy tasks
  • Overview of all actions, data and documents on dashboards in real time
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Drives supplier transparency

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  • Create fast, template briefs produced and sent to suppliers in a click
  • All RFQ submissions are formatted to easily interpret best value
  • Saves planners time and stress
  • Training modules available
  • Speeds authorisations
  • Remote working capability
  • Covid module to achieve best practices

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  • Overcomes ‘quote factory syndrome’
  • Levels the playing fields re RFQ submissions
  • Professional briefs reduce time & admin
  • TMCs and PCOs integrated into system


There are many capable, predominantly US-based MICE planning systems, delegate registration apps, venue finders, and great interactive technologies. MiceMaster is all about controlling the expenditure, managing policies and achieving transparency.


According to MiceMaster, the following are the most common challenges travel managers, procurement and finance are facing when managing meetings & events in SA:

  • Identifying cost-saving opportunities
  • Bringing transparency to supplier rates and services
  • Implementing procurement strategy, i.e. preferred partner’s
  • Driving policy and monitoring compliance
  • Centralising data and documentation
  • Reducing admin overload
  • Ensuring best practice in containing Covid-19
  • Booking directly with the service provider
  • Tracking pre-and post-event spend

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So how will they manage all these extra responsibilities and new tasks allocated to them? Technology?