Office parties with a difference


It’s that time of the year, where madness, celebrations and people astound. Secrets are revealed, much revelry is to be had, and it’s a time for the people you spend most of your day with to bond in the cheeriest , most fun way possible – ’tis the season to be jolly after all! Melissa Jane Cook suggests a few unique ideas.

*United we stand

Team building is achieved with a variety of methods and approaches. It is the means for a group of people to reach their goals, to foster personal growth, and is a tool for improving employee motivation. It is an excellent way to boost corporate staff morale and to improve group dynamics and communication. It is a must for every company with a vision to grow and here are some options:

*Escaping the city

It is essential to leave the madness of the city, the office, the phones, laptops and conference rooms. Everyone needs time to escape, breathe in fresh air, smell the flowers, walk in nature, glide along bodies of water and relax. As an out-of-office function, this is an ideal opportunity for all to rejuvenate, reminisce and celebrate the end of the year together.

‘Become the fire’ – Fire Walking

This success seminar will ignite passion. Movers and Shakers present the most powerful and transformational firework for your office party. Individuals experience a huge mind-shift when they realise that they can ‘make fear their servant rather than their master.’ If you can walk barefoot over 1200° red-hot coals, what else can you achieve?

‘15 minutes of fame!’ – Movie Making

Elephants in Main Street provide the opportunity for the team to experience what it is like to work together in a brilliantly organised production, culminating in a great result. The tremendous kick everyone involved will get out of this experience, and the learning points it creates, will give everyone a fantastic head start to teaming more closely and effectively than ever before! At the end of the Movie Making Experience, teams have the opportunity of viewing their very own movies up on the big screen for the first time during an evening at the ‘Oscars’.

Ramble in the cradle of humanity – Apricot Hill Farm

High on a hilltop in Honingklip, amidst the peach and rose farms and with a superb view of the rolling foothills of the Magaliesberg, lies Apricot Hill Farm. It is a private country farmhouse offering self-catering cottages, self-catering rustic rooms and tranquil farmhouse rooms. The sort of thing they do is a day’s ‘gettingto- know-you’ teambuilding and training sessions, with dinner or a self-catered braai in the evening. This is relaxation and tranquil bonding with your colleagues out of the power-pulse of the city into the solitude of the outdoors 

A jovial jaunt down Lake Jozini – Shayamanzi Houseboats

What attracts guests to the Shayamanzi Houseboats is the unique opportunity of cruising in style on Lake Jozini. You can’t get off the boats, so communication is encouraged between all colleagues. Passengers are also divided into smaller groups when heading out to enjoy some tiger fishing or game viewing in the skippered tender boats. Fun is had in various forms – sing your heart out with the karaoke system, dance the night away with a good choice of music on board, or relax in the heated Jacuzzi sipping one of the crew’s cocktail mixtures.

*Let me entertain you

Live entertainment and events are a great, immediate way for colleagues to get to know each other, have fun, let their hair down and enjoy the moment. It’s a perfect opportunity for people who have previously never spoken to each to engage and communicate.

*Staying in

Staying at the office for a party in comfortable, familiar surroundings is also an option. The options are endless and can range from a spit braai to real life Cluedo.

It’s all cloak and dagger – Murder Mystery Party

A Murder Mystery function, organised by Event Elves, is an entertaining, fun-filled event that is suitable for groups of 20 people or more. The larger the group, the more interesting and exciting the event. They are suitable for lunch or dinner functions, can take place at any venue, and they can be linked to any theme. The Murder Mystery begins when guests receive a special character invitation to the event, and they then arrive at the event dressed up as that character, or they receive a few props on arrival for them to dress themselves up with. The real thrill starts when each character tries to prove their innocence in the Murder Mystery by proving someone else at their table guilty!

Boogie at the Barnyard – Barnyard Theatre

The show ‘Summer Of Love’ starts 19 October to 31 December and features music from the sixties, the Beatles and

San Francisco, so get out those wigs, bell-bottoms and dancing shoes. This will be an evening where you sing, you dance and you reminisce about the electrifying brilliance of the past! Bookings are already open.

A culinary extravaganza – U-Shef Cooking

Cooking a meal with your co-workers is a much better option than sitting in an over-packed restaurant eating less than great food. Culinary team-building events are becoming a preferred way of bringing people together. There are many wonderful themes to choose from, such as Mediterranean, Thai, Mexican, Italian, French, Moroccan and Sushi.

*Executive party decisions

Deciding where to go for your work function is tricky. If you are in the mood for a glitzy, glamorous party at a stylish venue or a wild party on wheels look no further. Most people love dressing up and this is the perfect opportunity to shine.

Party with flair and finesse – The Venue

The Venue in Melrose Arch caters to any event with impeccable style and elegance. Your office can decide on a theme and The Venue will be sure to create an environment befitting whatever you require. The Main Venue is a split-level room designed with vibrant, rainbow colours complemented by natural and raw finishes, and is ideal for hosting larger functions. Doormen, red carpets and service that assures you that are treated as royalty make The Venue the perfect space for an office party.