SAA Increases West African connectivity


South African Airways has enhanced connectivity to West Africa following the successful completion of a Memorandum of Understanding with Africa World Airlines, the airline’s Ghanaian partners.

The MOU allows the two airlines to enhance their relationship through synergies that include code sharing, franchising and any other related projects.

SAA customers will fly from Accra on SAA-operated flights and then connect to further destinations on flights operated by AWA.

SAA and Africa World Airlines formed a relationship in 2015, which resulted in the commencement of the Accra-Washington Dulles flights.

SAA operates daily flights between Johannesburg and Accra, with four of the flights continuing onwards to Washington, and the other three flights continue onwards to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

SAA’s relationship with AWA has since grown from the original commercial co-operation into the new interline commercial agreement, which became possible when SAA finalised technology integration with AWA in November.
The interline agreement allows the acceptance of each other’s customers and access to each other’s network.

With effect from April, SAA increases the frequency from Accra to Washington to five flights per week.