SAA re-aligns its African network


South African Airways will be increasing the frequency of some of its routes with higher passenger volumes.

From 10 December, flights between Johannesburg (South Africa) and Kinshasa (DRC) will be increased from four to six per week.

Effective 13 December, the flights between Johannesburg and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) will be increased from 12 to 13 per week.

From 12 January 2014, flights between Johannesburg and Windhoek (Namibia) will increase from 20 to 21 per week, and from 13 January, flights between Johannesburg and Ndola (Zambia) will increase from 19 to 20 per week.

Starting 14 January 2014, flights between Johannesburg and Lusaka (Zambia) will increase from 19 to 20 per week.

Other changes to the African route network mean that SAA will, as of 7 December, no longer operate its own aircraft on the Johannesburg-Bujumbura (Burundi) and Johannesburg-Kigali (Rwanda) routes, but will service this market through its recently announced codeshare partner RwandAir.

Customers already holding ticketed reservations on SAA direct services between Johannesburg, Bujumbura and Kigali from 8 December onwards will be re-accommodated by SAA’s airline partners in line with the IATA conditions of carriage.

Further to these new developments, SAA will deploy its Airbus A320 on some regional routes, including Mauritius and Nairobi (Kenya). SAA has taken delivery of two new A320s, which is part of a 20 new aircraft order. These aircraft are configured with 24 Business Class and 114 Economy Class seats.

The Business Class section offers ample leg room with a seat pitch of 39 inches. All seats (except for the first row) have space in which to stow a tablet, with a USB power point to keep the tablet powered during flight, as well as power points in the centre console.

Seating in Economy Class offers a pitch of 31 inches, with shared USB and power points and an adjustable headrest.