Simon’s Town hotel to undergo refurbishment


aha Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel, Western Cape (South Africa) will close on 18 April for refurbishment.

The project is expected to take four months and cost $650,000, and includes a complete overhaul of all bedrooms, bathrooms and public facilities. The anticipated result is to advance the property from four-star to a five-star status.

All 26 rooms will receive a complete transformation with an additional three rooms added, increasing the total number to 29. The rooms will still maintain luxurious settings with nautical nuances that enhance the overall ambiance.

The bath tubs in all the bathrooms, with the exception of the family rooms will be changed out for new showers. This is in line with environmental trends which also align with aha’s water conservation and sustainability strategy.

Advanced technological features will be incorporated, including the up-grading of the television sets, fast efficient wi-fi access and new lockset handles.