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Small server for big tasks

The Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d is best suited for anyone needing a mid-range to high-end network-attached storage device. What this means is that this NAS device caters for small offices, remote or distributed businesses, or home users wanting to expand the capabilities of their home network. Two of the features that set this device apart from anything else on the market are the Time Machine support, and its ability to manage up to 6 Axis IP security. This device features two Gigabit network ports, as well as RAID 5 and RAID 10 support. It can automatically rebuild the RAID should one of the hard drives fail, while its Active Directory support is a welcome addition for business or corporate users. In a home environment, the Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d can be configured as a UPnP Media Server, and works well with media players such as the Xbox 360. The Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d is available in 2TB, 4TB and 8TB capacities.

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Astronomy made easy

The new NexStar 130 SLT has 30% more light-gathering power than the average 114mm telescope and, like the other models in the SLT Series, this one comes with a fully computerized hand control. The computerized hand control gives you the ability to automatically point the telescope to any of its 4,000+ objects, including over 600 galaxies, 300 clusters and dozens of beautiful binary stars. Thanks to its pre-assembled, adjustable steel tripod, the NexStar 114 SLT can be set up in a matter of minutes – our quickest assembly time was about 10 minutes. Calibrating this telescope is also a lot easier, thanks to some nifty new technology called SkyAlign. This telescope allows you to view the details of the lunar surface, the rings of Saturn, the polar ice caps on Mars, the cloud belts on Jupiter, or a number of the Messier objects such as the globular cluster in Hercules (M13), or the Great Nebula in Orion (M42). You can also explore some of the fainter Messier objects, using the additional light-gathering capabilities of the 130 SLT’s 5-inch primary mirror.

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Secure Desktop Storage

The Freecom Hard Drive secure features 1TB of storage. The drive connects to your PC via a USB connection and, apart from the two LEDs on the front of the panel, there is nothing else to distract from the beautiful design. What makes this product unique is the fact that you can lock the drive using an RFID key card. The hard drive bundles with two AES encrypted RFID keycards. One is a Master Key and the other is a Security Key. These cards are the same size as a credit card and are used to lock or unlock the hard drive. By simply swiping your keycard, you can lock the hard drive. This means that it will not even show up on your computer until you unlock it again. Even if you were to remove the hard drive, the contents contained therein will be encrypted.

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Your personal, portable, hotspot

It has been a while since we have seen such a useful and unique product available in South Africa. The Novatel Mi-Fi is essentially an external HSDPA modem but, unlike the traditional USB modems, this one creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing up to 5 users (up to 10m away) to share the 3G or HSDPA wireless connection. The Novatel Mi-Fi also features a built-in microSDHC slot, providing expandable storage capacity of up to 16GB. There is even a built-in battery that will allow this device to run for around 4 hours without being connected to power. This is great for those times when the power goes out at the office.

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Nikon does it again

The new Nikon COOLPIX S1000pj features the world’s first built-in projector, providing you with new, exciting ways to share images. The COOLPIX S1000pj transforms photo-sharing into a multimedia experience. With the touch of a button, users can project images and videos as large as 40 inches, and with the camera’s unique slideshow function you are able to playback pictures with music, effects, and creative transitions. Additional features of the S1000pj include: 12.1 megapixels; a 5x wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens; ISO from 64-6400; a 2.7-inch wide-angle LCD display; 5-way VR Image Stabilization System; Subject Tracking; Scene Auto Selector Mode; Nikon’s Smart Portrait System and movie mode. Combined with a slim body that offers superb portability, and a host of automatic functions that make it easy to take superb images, sharing your stories with family and friends wherever you go was never more fun. The COOLPIX S1000pj is a ground-breaking camera designed for you to share your moments.

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